Capabilities and Products

Processing of LTCC, HTCC and AlN Multilayer Circuits Multilayer ceramics are manufactured using high and low-temperature, co-fired alumina based ceramics. LTCC consists of multi component silicate glasses along with alumina and/or silica fillers and typically fired in 850 to 950 °C range in air. HTCC is made of 90% or higher alumina and fired above 1500 °C in wet hydrogen / nitrogen environment.

LTCC is metallized using silver or gold conductors. Silver on exposed surface is typically plated with Ni and Au. HTCC uses tungsten and molybdenum conductors that is plated on exposed surface by Ni and Au as well. Both LTCC and HTCC allow brazing using AuSn eutectic for LTCC and AgCu eutectic for HTCC. This allows manufacture of hermetic packages by attaching substrates to metal housing. These packages are extremely reliable with various customized mechanical, electrical, optical, and thermal functionalities.

MTCC (Medium temperature co-fired ceramic) tape systems that exhibit mechanical properties of HTCC and provide electrical performance of LTCC is unique to Ceramics Sciences.  MTCC system uses gold, silver, and copper metallizations.

Aluminum nitride is a unique material with high thermal conductivity and high electrical resistivity. It is ideal for applications where heat dissipation is critical.

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HTCC and AlN Quick Reference Design Guide

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